Ken F.

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the many years of incredible service you and Oasis Air have provided to Friess Construction Group, and to me personally. Whether you are doing a new installation, servicing systems, helping us to answer questions for clients, guiding us during project preparation and budgeting, or anything else related to heating and air conditioning we can always depend on professional, timely and cost effective service.

You and your crews always make your company look good when you are on one of our projects. Your work site is safe and clean and Oasis Air always makes our clients welfare a priority. I also want to thank you for all the pro bono service your company has provided over the years to Capistrano Valley Boys and Girls Club, and for their new Teen Centre. Oasis Air is number one in my book."

Mark M.

"Brian, We completed the rough-in HERS duct pressure tests and the results were about the best we've ever seen. The allowable leakage per system is 4% of total fan flow, this amounts to 82.4 cfm for each system.
Here are the results:
The basement zone system leakage came to 68 cfm (3.25%)
The 1st floor bedroom wings (left side of the house) zone total leakage came to 67 cfm (3.25%)
The 1st floor kitchen wing (right side of house) zone total leakage came to 34 cfm! (1.65%)
The 2nd floor HVAC zone total leakage came to 64 cfm (3.1%)

This was an exceptionally "tight" duct installation. I was very impressed with the quality of the installation of the ducts, fan coil units, and all the sheet metal, including the boots. The attention to detail was very obvious. In all the duct tests we've performed over the years we rarely see this type of high quality of an installation. Most of the time the system leaks very badly and we have to spend a great deal of time diagnosis where the leaks are. I took a lot of pictures that I hope to use in our duct testing training seminars to show what a quality HVAC installation is supposed to look like. These types of pictures are rare as most of the photo's we show in our training are examples of what not to do."

Gregg A.

"I have the pleasure and good fortune to work with Oasis Air Conditioning and Heating for some 20 years now. Today I still enjoy the same good service, personal integrity and most importantly their sterling work ethic. My custom home design/build business is all the better for the peace of mind that Oasis Air provides for all my HVAC needs.

Gil J.

"Oasis Air Conditioning and Heating is a stalwart part of Orange County. We knew the owner before he started the business and he has always been a person of integrity and reliability. These characteristics are reflected in the way he treats his customers. We have found Oasis Air to be affordable, responsible and very professional and we highly recommend them for all your Heating and Air Conditioning needs."

Alan S.

"5 years ago I had a local AC Contractor install a new 4 ton unit. I explained I needed a great seer rating because my wife had M.S. and we were going to run the unit all the time. He installed some off brand unit stating it was made by a name brand manufacture.

Well...my cost per hour went up 38% over the old unit I had and the damn thing never turned off because it was a total piece of junk.

I searched around on the Internet and found Oasis and spoke with Brian. Sadly we were not in his normal work area but he took the time to talk and tell me what he thought we needed. I took his suggestions shopped around and came up with 3 bids all over the place. I checked back with Brian and he said they were all high in equipment costs and some of the equipment quoted wasnt necessary.

After speaking Brian agreed to come out, meet my wife and I and bid the job. Brian gave us a quote that was well under the ones we had received and we went with a Mitsibushi  Unit. Don't get me wrong...it is not that the cost was so cheap we just couldn't pass up the deal. Mitsubushi's are TOP of the line equipment...it was just the 3 others were upselling and charging full retail. Brian was fair!!!

All I can say is Brian did all the work from permits to meeting with the city because the unit was to close to the neighbors home.  The solution was a better Mitsibushi unit which you can barely hear while standing right next to it. It is an AMAZING unit!!!  

Brian's crew came out and did a fantastic job with the install. They even cleaned up junk the other contractor left in my attic. When it came time for inspection the City Inspector walked up into our attic and came back down smiling. He said it was the cleanest install he had ever seen. lines, drains, conduit all perfectly lined up and neat.

The guys from Oasis who did the install were really respectful and good guys. I was very comfortable with them and even left the house a few times for over and hour. That is something I have never done before. I spoke with each worker at my home and felt every one of them was a good oerson and I trusted every one of them.

I cant say enough about how good we felt doing business with Oasis...and we TOTALLY LOVE our new system...it is fantastic and fits into our lives so well!!! Thanks Brian & Team!!!"

Amanda Y.

"I am so thankful that I was connected with these guys. Basically I had a different company in my home that caused some damage, and Oasis was there to fix it. They were helpful, accommodating, came the same day that I called, came right on time, were knowledgeable, friendly and FAIR. If you want all the sordid details of the issues I was having, you can read my review of Trio Heating and Air Conditioning.

However, in some ways I should thank Trio. I didn't have a trusted HVAC company to call when things weren't going well, and now I do! I will call Oasis every single time I need anything with my heater and/or air conditioner. Highly. highly recommended. Thanks Oasis!"